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Please take a look through our attractions, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone


The Kiddies toy ride is one of the all time family favourites, this attraction is second to none

built to the highest standard and is capable of riding high amounts of riders!

An asset to any event this attraction will have the children smiling from the minute it arrives!

toy ride hire northwest manchser


The Mini-Miami is one of our newest additions, its the absoloute to scale smaller version of the ever so popular Miami (Insania) 

And its proving to be just as popular with the kids as the big version is with the adults!

Brilliant thrills and belly laughs as it tickles your tummy with every turn.

An excellent addition to any event that can ride ANY age!!!

mini miami kid zone ride hire
MINI MIAMI kids rid hire


The Super Jets are a great classic,  and fun for all ages, each Jet Car holds 4 children and each Jet Car is themed to all the children's favorite characters, its bright, bold, attractive colours are a big hit with all the children and a real asset to any event as its colourful & fly's up!! Each Jet has seat belts across the children's laps which makes this great for the little ones too, no age restrictions, a nice fun ride for everyone!

jets ride unfir manchster
jets ride funfair rides
fun fair ries hire northest manchester


Our Disney inspired inflatables are always a hit, we have the slide & the inflatable play area, they can be used separately or together as an inflatable play area which is always popular with all ages.


We know the inflatables on offer is plentiful & competitive but you must remember that our inflatables are fully tested and insured on a year to year basis & because we are members of the Showmans Guild Of Great Britain we are also insured a 9 million pound insurance with them as well as the 1 million pound insurance with our broker & we use an Adips tester, (see our ABOUT US page for more details)

We man our inflatables, operate them and monitor them at all times & this is not always the case with other companies.

SLIDE hire inflatale disney
INFLATABLES hire slide nortwest


The Flying Dumbos are our newest addition, much like the ones featured in Disney land, families are able to board a brightly coloured Dumbo style Elephant and fly high to the sky!!

All ages can enjoy this ride, its great for all the family from 1-100, there are few of these rides in the UK and we are proud to have them as part of our Attractions.

dumbo ride northwest hire rides dumbos dumbo ride northwest hire rides
dumbo rde hire umbos disney rid ire

Cups & Saucer Ride

An Absoloute Classic & staple to any Fair, the Cups and Saucers is a fantastic fun ride that all the family can enjoy, all aboard a giant tea cup whilst the attendant whizz's you round and round as you pass by, amazing colours and lights and featuring all the childrens favorite characters, this one is always a hit with EVERYONE!!!

KIDS IN TEA CUP riehire cups ad saucers
cups cups and saucer ride hire rides funfair


The ultimate Family Funfair Ride, its been a ride that has featured in our family for over 30 years, spinning in and out towards the centre back to the outside within a 50ft circle, its a thrill ride that goes backwards and forwards, it is yet to be challenged by another ride of its type, a must ride on at any event!

sizzler twist funfair ride hire
twist sizzler funfair fairground ideshre


One of the best of its type in the North-West is in our possession, the ever so popular Miami Ride, ours is named INSANIA, an exciting Thrill Ride for teenagers and Funfair Ride fans, flying round up and down its a pure belly tickler and screamer ride! This is the second one we have purchased, its a great ride and is never going to get old, repeat rides always seem to be a must!!

With its nightclub backdrop scene and flashing lights its great for festivals, night clubs etc as well as all other events, its height restriction is 4ft

miami insania ride hire funfair


The Dodgems are the epitome of a Funfair and we have a brand new track to offer, Superfast Cars, huge track,


dodgem ride hire fnfair northwest
dodgemridehire manchester

We can add Candy Floss, Toffee Apples, Hot Dogs, Crepes, Waffles and much more to any event!

candy floss toffee apples food funfair food kiosk catering
CANDY FLOSS funfair food catering northwest
darling crepes 2.png
CREPES waffle caterers weddings food hire bung
food hygeine rating.jpg

To tickle your Taste Buds at your next event click the link below for

darling crepes.png
TOFFEE APPLE funfair food catering



We have 1st class Games Stalls, including the most popular Game around Hook-A-Duck, win a prize everytime! We also have Games such as Ring Toss, Darts, Knock-Down-The-Cans and many more!!

funfair scene.jpg
hook-a-duck funfair games northwest



gallion 2.jpg

Our new Gallion is great if your little one loves pirates and ships, you could even be having a pirate theme party? this would be great, its also a good feature at any party as all ages can play on it & hire fee starts at just £150!!

oooohh arrrrgh captain!

We have access to any Fairground Attractions & Rides through our contact list, if there is something specific that you require or have seen, let us know, Contact us, we can sort it for you and we will know exactly who to contact.

Let BungeeStar do the searching for you!

We are happy to help and provide for your event in any way we can.

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