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Rain Rain GO Away!!!!!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The Rainiest February on record!!!!

Finally the sun is shining through to the UK!!!!

The Half Term was a complete disaster to all of the UK with 3 storms hitting us from all sides of our tiny country, I really don't know how we manage to get caught up in so many bad storms! We are just a tint country compared to most, you would think some storms could just pass us by!!! I've lived in the "Rainy City" Manchester my whole life, so you would think I'd be use to it, but I'm not! I hate it, it depresses me and we as a Buisness just rely on it much too much!

We Started the season and backed tracked pretty quickly, with a feeling of starting again in April at Easter, Easter being later this year we have hope of it being dry and bright!! But today the sun has shone and the sky is clear and we feel rebooted and starting to get some faith back!

We will see how long it lasts and review again on monday! we could be coming to a town near you sooner rather than later, watch this space!!

Wigan Town Centre


Sunshine Please!!!

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